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Nely Fred Friedrich Foundation

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Nely Fred Friedrich Foundation support, spread and promote art and culture.

His main target is focus in young artists talents, given them a place to perform their skills.

We are sure that the future earth   sustainability will be only supporting art and culture. .

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Nely Fred Friedrich  Foundation is a private, non profit- organisation, whose founders are dedicated to fulfilling in a lasting manner the objectives in the public interest which are laid down in its Statues.


The origins of this project date back to early 1994, when the german artist Fred Friedrich decided to create a cultural Foundation for avant-garde art which help to place the city, Berlin, in which he was born on a level with the leading culture in Europe, and which would strengthen the ties of friendship and cooperation between countries, intensifying humanist values.


The principal aim of Nely Fred Friedrich Foundation is to study, research, discover and disseminate avant-garde art, which is one of the most productive spiritual contributions in contemporary Western Culture, in the broadcast sense from painting, sculpture, architecture and philosophy all based in the field of film, poetry, literature, dance and music, with main target supporting  artists in general way.


Included in the Statutes of Nely Fred Friedrich Foundation is a lengthy list of the people who will be involve in raisin awareness of the cultural work it carries out. 


Through its space, in association with Jóvenes Interpretes Ciudad de Estepona, the Nely Fred Friedrich Foundation supports researches on Fred Friedrich and promote emerging artists.


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Museo Fred Friedrich

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