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“Ich werde wandeln vor den HERREN im Landen der Lebendigen

Ich glaube, darum rede ich, ich werde aber geplant.

Ich sprach in meinem Zagen: Aber Menschen sind Lügner”

Psalm 116:9-11 

LUTH 1545

Vulgata- Übersetzung des Hieronymus, 

In Luthers Übersetzung aus dem hebräischen.


“Placebo Domino in regione vivorum”

Salmo 9: 116 

Placebo & puppet
Placebo/ Macht & Gewlat.heic


I will sing you a Placebo,

dates back to the Middle Ages when

in the funeral rite of the catholic churches was alternate chant paid by

singers and no longer the interment ceremony of the Papistical sacrum

was intoned by the mourners themselves.

Placebo was thus considered Sanctimoniouns, a deluded and double-faced substitute performances.

The term Placebo originates in Christian liturgy and only because part of the medicine in the 18th. Century (post hoc ergo propter hoc)

Placebo & puppet

Placebo response

Describes the individual´s response to a treatment that is based on psychosocial factors, such as suggestion / expectation and conditioning draw.

The physical state term of PLACEBO was formed in the 14th. Century as a for "soft talker" and "flatterer overpraise" in poems. Meaning Response (Reaction to meaning) = Placebo Effect.

Curado Effect

(I will heal) instead of Placebo (I will please)

 Fred Friedrich 

Juni 2021

Anchor 1

Ich glaube, also bin ich I believe, therefore I am a Pacifist whose vocal campaigned is Will, Humanism, Social Philosophy

The Placebo effect (from the Latin placēbō, I will please) is the set of effects on health produced by the administrationof a placebo,

Die Pandemie 2019 hat Placebo Response zur bestimmende Suggestion zur autoritäre

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